adam starr
May 2017
  • I have been busy writing a new piece called 'Cells'. It is a tricky little number for qoqo8, and also calls on Nilusha to add playing glockenspiel to her bag of tricks, singing a polyrythm at the same time, in 6/4. Ouch. But she does a great job on it. We were going to record it at the Melbourne Polytechnic studio in Prahran, but only managed to record two pieces in the three hours. Will post a rehearsal of it sometime soon. Here is a photo of qoqo8 at rehearsal.

    qoqo8 rehearsal shot

    And a shot on the stairs at the studio. Both photos are copyright Alistair Kennedy 2017.

    qoqo8 on stairs

  • Was once again the Music Director for the annual Yom Ha'atzmaut concert at Beth Weizmann on May 1. And got a blood blister from rocking out on the bass the next day at the festival.

  • I was the Artistic Director of the Bachelor of Music Showcase Concert at the Yarra Edge Theatre on May 26. A great night of student performances, featuring guest artist Deborah Kayser. I accompanied her for a few tunes with Anthony Schulz. What a beautiful performer.

    Deborah Kayser and I

    Deborah Kayser, Schulzy and I

    Photos courtesy of Rokface Photography

April 2017
  • New band qoqo8 got the phones out at the rehearsal. Drummer Tommy Harrison did some fancy footwork in the editing department and this is what came out:

    'In the Still of the Morn', a recent composition for the group by me. Some improv at the start, then a quirky groove in 7.

    'The Night We Were a Pair' - music by Anthony Schulz, poem by Nilusha Dassenaike. This was actually the first day we had looked at this piece - Schulzy brought it in that day.

March 2017
  • The two debut YID! gigs were the highlight of this month, on March 18 at Kadimah Hall, and March 19 at the in One Voice Festival. That was a very hot, outdoor gig. One of the best things about playing in this band is that I get to wear some really fun dress-ups.

    Yid Promo blog entry

February 2017
  • After a wonderful January full of boogie-boarding with the family, it was time to get back to work. Alter Jazz did our first gig after coming back to Oz, at Bird's Basement on Feb 9 through the Melbourne Jazz Coop. This is the first gig we have actually done there, although the second time we soundchecked - last time there was a flood there after the souncheck! It was a beautiful gig, featuring Lok Davidson on sop sax, Anton Delecca on tenor sax and Jay Scarlett on tbne. This is a song we did there, but here it is in an acoustic trio:

  • Feb 26: After many years in the making, Karen Feldman's album 'Mazl' has finally been released at a packed Kadimah Hall in Elsternwick. Hopefully it will be available online some time soon and I will post a link so you can hear.

    This is the poster for the gig:

    Karen Feldman CD launch pic

  • YID! is a new band that my brother has put together, but I get to do some arrangements and also play guitar in it. Based on the rehearsal, it would seem that general Marx Brothers hijinx are also part of the deal. This is a video explaining the project.

December 2016
  • One exciting thing that happened in December was going to the US with the Alter Jazz Ensemble. It was great connecting with new audiences and musicians, as well as reconnecting and playing with others again. Here is a pic of the itinerary, with a few house concerts and a performance on the Accidental Talmudist as well:

    Alter jazz US 16 itinerary

  • Dec 27: NY, Brooklyn Bowl with Zion 80 - we played with this awesome, huge band that crosses Carlebach with Afrobeat. Lots of fun. I recommend checking out the No BS Brass Band - they played after us, and were extremely awesome and high energy.

    Here is a pic from the band room at the BBowl:

    me at brooklyn bowl

  • Dec 25: BO, Walnut St Shul - we performed as a quintet, with Nadav Ben-Ozer on sax (who we played with last year), Han Beyli (bass - look out for him, he has an excellent 'surprised' face, and is a groovy player) and Maxime Cholley on drums. Here is a pic from the gig, I am sporting my Camberwell market orange jumper.

    Alter Jazz at Walnut St shul

  • Dec 18: LA, Hermosa Beach - the first time we have ever played as an octet. It was very nice to have Chris Hardin on keys - a little more freedom harmonically. We were also joined by Roy Wiegand (tpt), Mike Nelson (sax), Eric Jorgensen (tbne), Larry Steen (bass) and Jeff Stern (drums). It was a cracking ensemble, I have to say.

  • While in New York, I also had the great pleasure and experience of getting some guitar lessons, one with Wayne Krantz and one with Miles Okazaki. Both great teachers, players and people. Aside from seeing amazing art in the US, listening to amazing music etc., I also completed a duo piece called Jamaica Plain which I hope to perform soon.

  • Alter Jazz did a house concert before we left for the US, with Simon Starr on bass and Alex Burkoy on violin. In our garden.

    Alter Jazz Dec 11 house concert

  • Finally, me and Schulzy have a name for our new quartet with Caerwen Martin and Jenny Thomas: Modern Post Quartet. We filmed and recorded three pieces at the Abbotsford Convent on Dec 1. Really excited by this project, and to share the videos with you when they are edited!

December 2015
  • A busy month to conclude the year, starting with a recording for the film Strictly Jewish, directed by Danny Ben-Moshe. Here is some music from that film, which was recorded by Niko Schauble in his studio, with Tony Hicks on woodwind, Alex Burkoy on violin and myself on guitar. Here are a few pieces from the film:

  • The Alter Jazz Ensemble went to play in the US. This is where we performed!
    1. Dec 24: NY, Joe's Pub, with Seth Paris (sax), Nathan Peck (bass) and Jordan Young (drums)
    2. Dec 23: NY, Moss Cafe (duo - me and Noam)
    3. Dec 20: BO, YIS, Sharon, with Nerya Didon (sax), Nadav Shapira (bass), Noam Israeli (drums)
    4. Dec 17: BO, J-Pulse, with Nadav Ben-Ozer (sax), Nadav Shapira (bass), Noam Israeli (drums)
    5. Dec 15: LA, Pico Project, with Chazzy Green (sax), Ian Martin (bass), Ryan McDiarmid (drums).

    Here is a pic from Joe's Pub of Noam as he prepares to take flight:

    Alter in Joe's Pub

November 2015
  • This was a quietish month as far as creative output goes. I did write a new piece called Triality, which was for the Starr Schulz and Friends quartet that featured two drummers - Ronny Ferella and Matt Head. The gig was a lot of fun, at Open Studio on November 25.

    Open Studio Nov gig poster

  • This is a short and sweet excerpt of my piece Groove Premise #2 - Tate Modern:

October 2015
  • Anthony Schulz and I went to Adelaide to present at the Australian Society for Music Education Conference. We also performed there, and did a gig and live recording with the fabulous Adam Page and Rachel Johnston at Adam's Wizard Tone Studios. You can download the recording here.

    Adelaide gig poster

  • Starr Schulz and Friends performed at Open Studio on October 28 with Justin Marshall and Andrew Tanner, both of whom play with Schulzy in Zulya and the Children of the Underground.

    Open Studio Oct gig poster

  • This is a short and sweet excerpt of Justin Marshall's Stonewall:

September 2015
  • I had some involvement with the Shir Madness Festival, a fantastic event managed by Deborah Conway and Willy Zygier:
    • The Selwyn Trio performed my composition Meditation on a Mendelssohn Song without words
    • I was the Music Director and guitarist for Karen Feldman's performance
    • I was the Music Director and guitarist for the Alter Jazz Ensemble's performance
    • I coordinated a fantastic concert of young talent

  • Starr Schulz and Friends performed with trumpeter Paul Williamson and trombonist Jordan Murray at Open Studio.
    Open Studio poster

    These are some of the sounds we made:

    4' 32''  - African Thing (Starr)

    2' 13''  - Not So Far To Go (Schulz)

    2' 58''  -Bohe (Starr,Schulz, Williamson, Murray)

August 2015
  • I recorded the score to Take Heart with Mark Atkins and Haydn Meggitt. Haydn tracked and played the drum parts at his studio, Electric Hadyland. I helped out with the percussion. Mark and I recorded at Niko Schauble's Pughouse Studios. The film's director, Mike Hill, talks about the score process and how he conceived of the collaboration here. Mark is a didg virtuoso and great all-round musician (and bloke).

    Photo of me and Mark from recording session at Niko's, August 16, 2015.

  • Sang and played some Elvis Costello songs as well as providing accompaniment for the actors in ?Theatrics: The Wit and Wisdom of Jewish Literature?, directed by Gary Abrahams, reviewed here

    Theatrics: The Wit and Wisdom of Jewish Music, Alex Theatre, August 22-23, 2015.

  • "Starr, Schulz and Friends: Musical Conversations" have done a few memorable gigs since last update, but even more exciting, have made a studio recording with 3 of the quartets from the first half of the year (the only ones who were in town in July) at the Melbourne Polytechnic studio, recorded by the fabulous David Rodger. The quartets we included were with Jacq Gawler and David Haberfeld, Tim Wilson and Jonathan Zion, and Nick Tsiavos and Ben Gillespie. We have been using Tumblr to blog about it - you can check it out here. We have also been putting a few things on Sound Cloud.

  • On June 18, just before the Starr-Schulz & Friends June gig, I had a chat with Cat and Crispi on 3PBS, on their show "The Breakfast Spread". It is a really cool show, where they interview artists about their influences, and plays some influential tracks. If you are curious, go here.

  • I didn't post it at the time, but Alter Jazz were interviewed by Adam Rudegeair on his 3PBS show "Black Wax" on May 4, just before the Stonnington Jazz Festival. If you are curious to hear what me and Rav Noam had to say, please go here.

  • Here are some of the gigs I have done since the last update:
    1. Aug 26: Starr, Schulz and Friends at Open Studio, featuring Ben Robertson and Ronny Ferella
    2. Aug 22-23: "Theatrics", Alex Theatre, singing/playing and underscore for the readings.
    3. Aug 18: Israeli Film Festival, Cinema Como, trio featuring Anton Delecca and Tom Lee
    4. Jul 22: Starr, Schulz and Friends at Open Studio, featuring Deb Kayser and Rod Waterman
    5. Jun 24: Starr, Schulz and Friends at Open Studio, featuring Alex Burkoy and Danny Fischer
    6. Jun 7: Alter Jazz Ensemble at the Limmud Conference (NSW)

  • Here are some pics from the aforementioned gigs.

    Alter Jazz Ensemble, Limmud Conference (Sydney), June 7, 2015. SS&F, Open Studio, June 24, 2015. SS&F, Open Studio, July 22, 2015. SS&F, Open Studio, August 26, 2015.

May 2015
  • Little Stars has finally been finished, thanks to the herulean efforts of Jake Mason. You can see some footage and here some of the score here.

  • Anthony Schulz and I have started a new and ambitious new project called "Starr, Schulz and Friends: Musical Conversations". We have performed with different quartets each month at Open Studio. We have been using Tumblr to blog about it - you can check it out here. We have also been putting a few things on Sound Cloud.

  • The Alter Jazz Ensemble played at the Stonnington Jazz Festival.We have finally had some nice quality videos made which you can see here.

  • After my last update, the Stonnington Symphony Orchestra did a great job with the arrangements of the Blackeyed Susans songs at their Symphony Under The Starson Feb 28.

  • Here are some of the gigs I have done since the last update:
    1. May 27: Starr, Schulz and Friends, featuring Ari Wenig and Paul Van Ross
    2. May 21: Starr, Schulz and Friends at Stonnington Jazz Festival, featuring Amy Odongo
    3. May 19: Alter Jazz at Stonnington Jazz Festival
    4. May 3: Starr, Schulz and Friends at Brunswick Green, featuring Ronny Ferella and Adam Simmons
    5. Apr 29: Starr, Schulz and Friends at Open Studio, featuring Jacq Gawler and David Haberfeld
    6. Apr 22: Yom Ha'atzmaut at Melbourne Recital Centre
    7. Mar 18: Starr, Schulz and Friends at Open Studio, featuring Ben Gillespie and Nick Tsiavos
    8. Mar 15: Alter Jazz Ensemble at the In One Voice concert
    9. Mar 15: Karen Feldman at the In One Voice concert
    10. Feb 28: Stonnington Symphony and Black-Eyed Susans at Malvern Gardens

  • Here are some pics from the aforementioned gigs.

    Alter Jazz Ensemble, In One Voice concert, March 15, 2015.

    Karen Feldman, In One Voice concert, March 15, 2015.

    SS&F, Open Studio, March 18, 2015. SS&F, Open Studio, April 29, 2015. SS&F, Open Studio, May 27, 2015.

February 2015
  • Anthony Schulz and I have started a new and ambitious new project called Starr, "Schulz and Friends: Musical Conversations". We perform with a different quartet each month at Open Studio. We have been using Tumblr to blog about it - you can check it out here. We have also been putting a few things on Sound Cloud. Even the act of booking and synchronising 24 musicians was a serious undertaking.

  • The Alter Jazz Ensemble had an awesome time in the UK. We played a combination of duo and band gigs, played with some great musicians. The Limmud Conference was a highlight, where we got to play with some great musicians from Canada, France and the UK. The last night we were there, we played at Tikun with my old mate, saxophonist Frank Walden and his brass colleagues from the Tom Jones band. A stonking horn section. While I was there I did some composing for gigs in Melbourne - I wrote a Nigun in Crouch End (imaginatively entitled "Crouch End Nigun") and an odd-time thing while walking around the Tate Modern. I also had to write some music for the TV version of Little Stars. Recording at the end of this month, will post some music next time.

  • Been chipping away at the arrangements for the Blackeyed Susans and the Stonnington Orchestra. Come along to the concert.

  • Won't be playing with the Orchestra this time..

  • Here are some of the gigs I have done since the last update:
    1. Feb 25: Starr, Schulz and Friends at Open Studio, featuring Tim Wilson and Jonathan Zion
    2. Jan 28: Starr, Schulz and Friends at Open Studio, featuring Aviva Endean and Caerwen Martin
    3. Jan 3: Alter Jazz Ensemble at Tikun (UK, featuring Tom Jones' marvellous horn section, ably led by Frank Walden)
    4. Dec 27-31: Alter Jazz Ensemble at Limmud Conference (UK)
    5. Dec 24: Alter Jazz Ensemble at Tikun (UK)

December 2014
  • Code of Silence has just won the Walkely award for best documentary in 2014. I am proud to have contributed the original music to the production. The Director, Danny Ben-Moshe, has made the film publicly available here.

  • My new project the Alter Jazz Ensemble finished its first recording. You can hear our new album here. We will be going to London at the end of this month for some gigs!

  • The Blackeyed Susans will be performing with the Stonnington Symphony Orchestra, and I will orchestrate two songs for the orchestra, which should be fun. The concert will take place in early March 2015.

  • Here are some of the gigs I have done since the last update:
    1. Dec 17: Alter Jazz Ensemble at Butter
    2. Oct 18: Simon Starr band at Transit Bar
    3. Oct 14: Alter Jazz Ensemble at Blake St Shul
    4. Oct 12: Jazz Composers Forum at Bennetts Lane
    5. Sep 30: Carlebach Concert at Phoenix Theatre

  • Here is a pic from the Transit Bar gig with Simon Starr and thugs. Because of my wrist injury, I was consigned to vocals and percussion. I got quite a nice 'triangle' effect using a beer bottle. A la Michael Jackson.

    Simon Starr band, Transit Bar, October 18, 2014.

August 2014
  • On August 14, Code of Silence screened on ABC. It is an hour long documentary that I scored, recently receiving a Walkley nomination. Here is the ABC site show link

  • Commencing work on more short films for the Little Stars project. You can hear some of the music here. The project will ultimately develop into a 1 hour documentary.

  • My new project, the Alter Jazz Ensemble is going to play in the UK in December. We have started gigging, and will record in early November. I will post some more footage next update.

  • Here are some of the gigs I have done since the last update:
    1. Aug 9: Alter Jazz Ensemble performed at Yavneh
    2. Aug 5: Frock performed at Bennetts Lane
    3. Jun 14: Alter Jazz Ensemble played at Blake St Shul
    4. June 7 - performed at Limmud Oz with the Alter Jazz Ensemble

  • In June I was commissioned by the City of Melbourne to arrange versions of the Collingwood theme song to be played by the Federation Bells. Both versions play every time we win at the 'G!

    Soundcheck with Stonnington Symphony Orchestra, March 1, 2014.

May 2014
  • I performed 2 songs with Stonnington Symphony Orchestra and Dave Graney on March 1. I arranged both songs, and performed on both guiro and guitar. This is what I looked like at soundcheck with the orchestra - I had come straight from 2 weeks in hospital because of a scooter accident:
    Soundcheck with Stonnington Symphony Orchestra, March 1, 2014.

  • Have scored more short films for the Little Stars project. You can hear some of the music here

  • Have started a new ensemble with Rav Noam Sendor, the Alter Jazz Ensemble. Here is a video that we used as part of our Indiegogo campaign:

  • Here are some of the gigs I have done since the last update:
    1. May 18: Frock launched its new CD at Bennetts Lane. Check out the page on bandcamp. It has received heaps of airplay, which is nice, has been the album of the week on Radio National, and one of the top 10 CDs on 3PBS.
    2. May 7: Frock performed material from its new CD at Bennetts Lane.

December 2013
  • I have been doing some arranging of Dave Graney's music for the Stonnington Symphony Orchestra. I am going to give myself a part on guiro for one song and guitar for another, just to add some groove to the Orchestra. Here is an article from TimeOut about it: online article.

  • Here are some of the gigs I have done since the last update:
    1. Nov 17: I hosted the 2nd Jazz Composition Forum at Bennetts Lane in the afternoon, playing new works by the band as well as other composers who sent their work in. This time we had a featured composer - Cam Earl.
    2. Nov 7: Frock performed at Uptown Jazz Cafe in the evening.

  • Frock has been mixing its latest and greatest album with David Haberfeld, since entitled One Room, One Day

October 2013
  • I have been doing a little work on Shalom Bollywood. There will be more news towards the end of the year.

  • Scored a short film called Little Stars. My recording debut on the kalimba!

  • Wrote a song for a corporate video for my friends at Creativa

  • On the playing front, have been quite busy. Here are some of the gigs I have done recently:
    1. Sep 29: My first gig in Canberra, with the Adam Starr Quartet
    2. Sep 22: I hosted the inaugural Jazz Composition Forum at Bennetts Lane in the afternoon, playing new works by the band as well as other composers who sent their work in
    3. Sep 12: First ever Adam Starr Quartet gig at Pause Bar - premiered lots of brand new material
    4. Jul 21: Frock performed at Uptown Jazz Cafe in the afternoon as part of a double billing with a Ronny Ferella group
    5. Jul 21: I performed solo ("Jerusalem Mashup") at the Wesley Anne, as part of the Elbow Room concert series run by the Melbourne Composer's League
    6. Jun 17 & 24: Frock played at Open Studio - truly fantastic nights
    7. May 31 - performed at an NMIT workshop with my brother Simon

  • My article "Insight: Jerusalem, The Year That Was" appears in Resonate, the Australian Music Centre online magazine. You can read the article here.

  • Frock recorded its latest and greatest album on July 1 at NMIT studios with Darren Steffen, since entitled The Vitamix

  • Attended a fantastic ASME conference in Canberra (sep 29 - Oct 1). I presented there about some of the work I am doing as a lecturer at NMIT.

April 2013
March 2013
  • Performed with Old Man River at the 'Zorba The Buddha' festival in the Negev in Israel.

  • Frock did a season of gigs at Bennetts Lane Jazz Club. We premiered a new piece of mine called Shniwmn.

February 2013
  • Rebecca Barnard sang with Orchestra Victoria in Symphony Under The Stars. I arranged 2 songs for the Orchestra. Roy Theaker did a great job conducting them.

December 2012
  • Performed 'Jerusalem: The Year That Was' at the Limmud Conference in the UK.

  • Performed some sephardi music with Rivka Amado at a Channuka concert.

November 2012
  • Frock performed a series of gigs at Open Studio. Lots of fun.

October 2012
  • Just finished working on the music for the trailer for Shalom Bollywood, a very interesting doco about Jews in Bollywood. I even played some sitar in the score, which was my first recording credit on the instrument!

  • Did some horn arrangements for Maxi. If you are curious you can hear the songs "From the Start" and "For Me" here or read a review here.

  • Have done a few posts for my blog At the moment I have more work than time, but I have plans to record my composition Room FE113 in a way that I think is new and interesting (certainly for me, possibly for everyone).

  • Frock is gearing up for its November residency at Open Studio. Check here to see photos of a concert and workshop we did at Greensborough TAFE on July 31. We taught the students some songs and then performed them en masse. I had a 1.5 hour session with 56 guitarists!

  • Found out some nice things that are coming up: premiering a new work in the UK in December, and doing some orchestration for Stonnington Symphony early next year.

July 2012
  • I have just finished recording a track for the Key of Sea project, which raises money for asylum seekers through CD sales. I collaborated with Singer-Songwriter Lanie Lane in writing the song "Lively boys". This project contained a few 'firsts' for me: first time I have completed the composing of a song with someone while we were in the same room; first time I have recorded myself doing spoken word (!), and first time I have written a song with lyrics about my Grandfather. Will put a link up when the album is released.

  • I have written a 10 minute piece for Big Band, featuring guitar. It will be played by US guitar legend Jon Damian in concert at NMIT Fairfield on the night of August 9. It is still possible to get tickets, and they are free!

  • Frock released its 7th CD, entitled Apogee, while Simon (my brother, and founding member and bassist) was in Melbourne for the International Jazz Festival. We launched it at Open Studio. What a great gig, a night like this is all about why we became musicians, and why we stay in the band. We have a residency there in November, which should be great, and a workshop at Greensborough TAFE on July 31. The band will be joined by Julian Wilson and Gian Slater, both fantastic musicians. I am hoping to hear Julian play the bass clarinet for the start of my piece 'Doin the Salzburger Nockerl'.

  • I have begun experimenting with looping, and also begun oud lessons. What beautiful music.

January 2012
  • Boker Or, a string quartet of mine, won Runner Up in the Clefworks Composition Competition, which was nice.

  • Orchestrating a couple of songs from Joe Camilleri's Black Sorrow days for a concert with Joe and the Stonnington Symphony. Feb 25, Stonnington gardens.

  • I have begun working on a blog, entitled Welcome2MyStudio, which I am just in the process of adding content to. A new thing for me, hope to go live in the not too distant future.

  • The (as of yet unreleased) ABC recording made by Frock is receiving airplay, with a good response from listeners and programmers. Check Mango Face out here. Anthony Schulz's piece Gertrude is here. We will be performing for the first three wednesday nights in February of 2012 at Bennetts Lane.

  • Composing for a gaming project, due for release later in February.

November 2011
  • Frock have had their ABC recording mastered, and it has been broadcast already.

  • "Life Before Death" won an Accolade award, which is cool. You can read about it here. Music from the score is on the music page!

  • I have begun work as a lecturer at NMIT in Fairfield, for their BMUS program. It is a beautiful campus, and very nicely located near all the Brunswick St vegetarian restaurants. I will be taking a music for moving image class, Arranging for Large Ensemble, some guitar students and an ensemble.

  • Waiting to hear Boker Or, performed and recorded in NY by Grammy Award-winning ensemble Orchestra of Our Time. Exciting!

  • I have been working on an animation project. I hope to put it up on the site soon, along with music with images.

May 2011
  • Completed the score to "Life Before Death".

  • Finished mixing Karen Feldman's album. Mastered!

  • Frock are preparing to record in August with original lineup, doing a gig or too also (watch this space).

March 2011
  • Have begun scoring feature-length documentary "Life Before Death".

  • Finally completed Song Cycle for String Quartet, electric guitar, percussion, spoken word, samples and loops. In rehearsal stage, recording to happen in April. Name of piece: Jerusalem: The Year That Was.

  • Final recording session for Karen Feldman's album. She will be coming out from Singapore to record the last 3 songs for the album early March.

  • Been rehearsing with the Henry Kouffman band. Gig at Paris Cat on March 1.

  • Frock played a beautiful gig on February 6 at the Czech Club. Vibes and accordion unamplified, so it was a wonderful sounding gig. New myspace page here.

  • Teaching Music Language 3 at Melbourne University. Pop songs, serialism, jazz and other modern delectables.

December 2010
  • In preproduction for feature-length documentary "Life Before Death". Look out for weekly webisodes in 2011.

  • Nearly finished my Song Cycle for String Quartet, electric guitar, percussion, spoken word, samples and loops. Recording it with the Silo String Quartet early 2011. One of the 'songs', I Want To Tell You A Secret, premiered at a Melbourne League of Composers concert on October 24, with the Silo String Quartet plus me on guitar and samples.

  • Doing some arrangements and producing some songs for Karen Feldman in January. Yiddish hits and memories, but with a contemporary edge!

  • Dance piece Tales of Love choreographed to my original music by Sarah Taylor, performed at the VCA on November 9-12.

  • On November 10, I played with Alana Bruce's band at the Northcote Social Club, standing next to the unreasonably funky (in all ways) Yoni Z. Did another Bruce gig at Bennetts, where I had the pleasure of hearing some of my horn arrangements live for the first time. Which was great.

  • Frock played an unbelievable gig on August 31 at the Uptown Jazz Club. An amazing experience playing with the same guys for such a long time. The ensemble is incredibly elastic. New myspace page coming soon.

  • AJME did a great gig in September at the Czech House, which was also my brother Simon's farewell gig. Another ripper. Check out some illicit looking footage of Erev Shel Shoshanim.

August 2010
  • Just got back from Adelaide, where I worked with the Australian String Quartet, as part of the inaugural National Composer's Forum. I was one of 5 composers, it was educative, exciting, the others were a good bunch, and I received the best chamber performance I have ever had of a work, Agether, which will be nationally broadcast some time soon.

  • I Want To Tell You A Secret will premiere at a Melbourne League of Composers concert on October 24. It will be for the Silo String Quartet plus me on guitar and a few samples on CD. Very excited. It is part of the last piece I am writing for my PhD.

  • Memories of a Chiropdist premiered at the Melbourne Recital Centre, played by the Freshwater Trio, earlier in the year. It has just been played in Canada by the trio on their August tour there.

  • Scored an audio book for a start-up group in Israel. Hope to put it online once I am sure that I am not violating a confidentiality agreement.

  • Frock is doing a gig tonight (August 31) at the Uptown Jazz Club in Fitzroy.

  • AJME is doing a gig on the night of September 4 at the Czech House in North Melbourne. AJME spent the year doing gigs and festivals around Israel, culminating with a concert at Sultan's Pool in Jerusalem.

November 2009
  • I am going to update this more regularly, so there will be less to add for the month. Have just today finished some guitar arrangements for Indonesian pop band Soulvibe. When the album gets released I will attach a link.

  • Scored a teaser for a feature film. Details confidential, but you can hear the music here.

  • Will be doing a jazz gig at Hamarakia on Wednesday December 2nd, 10pm, Jerusalem.

October 2009
  • Have done several jingles in the past few months for national TV in Australia, produced by Whytehouse Productions. Most recently, one was for a Golf Tournament, which rocked, and the other was for Malvern Star, which tranced!

  • Wrote and produced a short song for a promotional corporate film produced by MediaFlex, which we recorded at Armstrong Studios, with Doug Brady.

  • Currently doing some more work with Alana Bruce, co-writing and arranging new material. To listen to some of the brass arrangements I recently did for Alana's first album, click here.

  • I had the privelege of being Composer-in-Residence at Melbourne High School for Term 2, an Arts Victoria initiative. The project had two parts: the first was to mentor a selected group of composition students, and the second was to write a piece of music for the Winter Concert. This piece, The Taste of Success, premiered at the Melboure Recital Centre in July. It was for a massed choir of 150 voices and an orchestra of 35 plus turntablist. The students from both MHS and Mac.Robertson Girls' High School did a wonderful job.

  • Using lyrics by Theodore Herzl, I wrote and produced a short song (filmclip directed by Jeremy Weinstein) for Israel's Independence Day Concert, in May.

  • I arranged a Bach Aria for the Freshwater Trio, and composed a piece based on a Mendelssohn Song without Words which Anna McAlister of the Herald Sun described as being "...odd, clever and funny. It had traces of jazz, gypsy and romantic party pieces, and plenty of humour." (10/07/09)

  • Have done some work for Old Skool Media, scoring a short film, Vampons, plus beginning work on a zombie film.

  • For the first time ever, I have done some gigs with poets, both in Melbourne and Sydney. This came about through a commission from Debbie Miller, which required me to set 13 of her poems to music. We recored a CD of the music, which was released with her book In the Cleft of the Rock (published by Black Pepper). Also on the CD were 5 instrumental pieces, examples of which will appear on my music page at some stage soon.

  • The Australian Jewish Music Ensemble's debut CD, Pazit, was released on Jazzhead, and was launched at Smart Artz Gallery on August 25. Gigs coming up in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv - watch this space.

  • Frock has had a busy year, doing lots of gigs in support of it's album The Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Highlights include performances at The Queensland Arts Festival and the Stonnington Jazz Festival.

  • The live CD from the So Many Notes concert was launched at Chapel Off Chapel in June. I was the co-artistic director of the concert, and co-producer of the CD.

February 2009
  • Completed score to short film Ours, a short film made by Mike Hill.

  • Begun work on a short film made about vampires.

  • The new Melbourne Recital Centre has opened. I have seen two concerts so far, one featuring Morton Feldman, the other David Young. A wonderful addition to Melbourne culture. In July, the Freshwater Trio will be playing some arrangements of mine at the MRC. More details as I begin writing!

  • Started a new ensemble with my brother Simon. We did a recording in January that I am very excited about, will put something online soon.

  • Currently making sketches for a Song Cycle at the State Library, on an AGL Shaw Fellowship. Expect to complete it later this year.

  • Frock did our first gig for the year on Feb 1 at the Czech House. We have begun rehearsing material for a recording in March, with ABC Records. For the first time, we are recording covers!

December 2008
  • Working on a radio show pilot which will involve me writing and producing a song on a weekly basis. The Mishenbergs, directed by Jeremy Weinstein.

  • In pre-production for Ours, a short film.

  • Finished brass arrangements for Alana Bruce's EP. They were recorded by Jordan, Eamon and Anton. Mmmmm. Also recorded some guitar parts.

  • Did the score to Josh Janssen's short film My Spectacular Student Film. It is indeed spectacular!

  • I completed the score to Lena Kahn's award-winning short film Bassem Is Trying. There is a link to the film on the Productions page.

  • I was co-artistic director for a great concert (So Many Notes - a concert featuring Jewish Jazz musicians) that played to a packed audience at BMW Edge, on November 16. My 12 minute piece Meditations on a Judeo-Babylonian Ritual Song was performed there by a septet, of which I was part.

  • My 17 minute piece Three Different Shades Of Yellow premiered at a concert at Gryphon Gallery on November 10. It was written for Electric Guitar, Drumkit and String Quartet.

July 2008
  • Finished recording the score to US feature Fast Food, directed by John Craven. Music to be on site shortly.

  • Completed my involvement with The Symphony Services Composer Development Program, which involved working with Richard Mills and Orchestra Victoria. My ten minute piece The Ballad of Alberto and Elliot was performed on July 3 at the Iwaki Auditorium, and will be nationally broadcast on ABC FM. Details TBA.

  • Almost finished the score to British short film Yoopie Iggies, directed by Daniel Dode.

  • I completed the score to Lena Kahn's award-winning short film Bassem Is Trying.

  • My jazz ensemble Frock played a residency at Bennett's Lane Jazz Club over 4 wednesdays in February. Our most recent CD Decadence was recently reviewed as being "...sublime interplay...inventive, intriguing and lively" (Roger Mitchell, Herald Sun, April 13, 2008) and can be purchased online at

  • Near completion of a Melbourne short film called Champions, directed by Sarah Burrell-Davis.

  • I arranged two Scriabbin piano preludes for the Freshwater Trio which Clive O'Connell of The Age described as being "swift and deftly humorous, particularly the first which was more of a re-composition packed with plenty of surprises" (20/6/08)

October 2007
  • Writing the score to US feature Fast Food, directed by John Craven. Hope to be ready to record in December.

  • Accepted into The Symphony Services Composer Development Program, which will involve working with Richard Mills and Orchestra Victoria.

  • Have been working on the score to Canadian feature Krazy Luv, directed by Adrian Keats.

  • I completed the score to Natalie Krasnostein's play In God's Bedroom, which played four seasons in Melbourne, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, from May to August.

  • My jazz ensemble Frock played a residency at Bennett's Lane Jazz Club, performing the program from their 4 cds over 4 wednesdays in July. A live CD of new material was recorded at Bennett's Lane in August. Decadence was subsequently launched at The Famous Spiegeltent on October 5. The CD can be purchased online at

  • The Man Who Souled The World screened at the Melbourne International Film Festival. One of the cues from the score appears on the music page of this website.

March 2007
  • Completed orchestrations for a 60 minute program for 20 piece orchestra plus choir. Concert will be at Hamer Hall in April.

  • Recorded and mixed the score for The Man Who Souled The World, some examples of which will appear on the Music page of this site.

  • I completed the score to Lena Kahn's short film noire, The Sleeper.

  • Two noteworthy gigs: firstly, a crazy wedding in Sydney that I flew up for late afternoon, did one set, then returned later that same evening. Secondly, the debut performance of new trio Zion Starr Farrugia at Paris Cat. This was the culmination of three months of writing and rehearsal.

December 2006
  • The Storm Before The Calm was recorded by the MSO at the Iwaki auditorium (Melbourne) in November. It is a 6 minute piece for Orchestra.

  • After a few years of study, MMUS in Composition (University of Melbourne) completed in November.

  • I am still working on the score for the feature film The Man Who Souled The World. Scheduled to record mid January.